Get your Used Car Trade-in Value

If you've been thinking about trading up to a new Honda nearby, you'll want to know just how much your current car is worth using the most up-to-date industry data. That's where our Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer tool comes in. This online software pulls from several sources to provide accurate valuations in seconds. Have questions about how it works? Read through this guide, then reach out to our Honda dealership in Daphne for more information today.

What Does It Mean to Value a Used Car?

The market for used cars in Alabama is dynamic and fluid, which means that car values fluctuate based on everything from supply and demand to macroeconomic factors. Today's most popular car value calculators consider several variables in order to determine the most accurate market value for a car.

What Is the Blue Book Value of a Car?

The Blue Book Value is one of the oldest standards for determining automotive valuations. The first Kelley Blue Book® was printed in 1926, and since then the guide -- known as the Blue Book for the color of the original cover -- has become the standard for anyone looking to learn a car's value in Alabama and elsewhere. Today, the Kelley Blue Book® uses advanced proprietary software to help you discover the appropriate used car price range for any pre-owned model, whether that's a Certified Pre-Owned Honda SUV or an older vehicle from another make.

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How Does Trading In a Car Work?

The process is easy. The first step is to determine the Kelly Blue Book® value of your car using our online software. The process only takes seconds -- just input a few basic details about your vehicle, and the program will return your Kelly Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer. You'll then bring this offer to our Daphne Honda dealership, where our auto service team will verify your vehicle's condition and confirm the offer. From there, the choice is yours: you can sell your car to us outright, or apply its value toward the purchase of a new Honda. Either way, you can rest assured you'll get a market-correct price for your current vehicle.

Honda Dealership near Me

If you're ready to get started, just begin by following the prompts of our Kelly Blue Book® trade-in calculator. Once you have your offer in hand, please contact Tameron Honda Eastern Shore to have your vehicle appraised by our team. While you're here, we'll share any current Honda trade-in offers and new car specials you may be interested in. Whether you sell a car for cash nearby or trade up to a new Honda CR-V or Accord, you can trust us to provide the support, expertise and diligence you're looking for.