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What is a TAMERON ORIGINAL? Quite simply, it is a car that was originally sold by Tameron Honda, has had all of its maintenance and service work performed at Tameron, and has been taken care of by our expert technicians and master mechanics. This car has never left the protective care of Tameron Honda.

When a buyer is lucky enough to locate a TAMERON ORIGINAL, he or she is not just buying a car… they are buying our entire dealership, our pride and dedication in our service department, and our reputation.

  • "What is the story behind this car?"
  • "Why did the previous owner trade it in?"
  • "Is something wrong with the car?"
  • "Did the previous owner take good care of it?"

While CarFax is a great way to investigate a car’s history, it cannot possibly tell a buyer the “whole” story of the life of a car. With a TAMERON ORIGINAL, a buyer has the one and only true story of the car because we know it best… it is one of our own.

Buying a TAMERON ORIGINAL gives buyers the absolute greatest level of confidence possible. They are getting a car with no unknowns or unanswered questions.