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Tameron Value Pricing

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Tameron Value Pricing

Tameron Honda Eastern Shore has been providing Alabamian drivers with the best deals on used vehicles for many years. We believe that a vehicle's value should be determined by demand and availability - and not by how long we've owned it - and our staff works hard to ensure that you drive away in a dependable pre-owned car, truck or SUV at a price that works for you. To further our commitment to getting you a fair deal on all of our used cars, we're introducing Tameron Value Pricing: a program that monitors 20,000 pre-owned car websites within a 300-mile radius of our dealerships compares the car you're looking at to similar vehicles and calculates a fair deal based on that data. This helps to ensure that all of our customers get real-time market value price, giving you the best deal possible when you enter the dealership.

Why did we create Tameron Value Pricing?

  • We know more than 90% of our customers use the Internet to research car prices, and Tameron Value Pricing does the work for you.
  • Our customers who don't use the web now have the same advantages as our tech-savvy drivers.
  • We want our customers to rest assured that they get the best deal possible at Tameron Honda Eastern Shore. Tameron Value Pricing should put your mind at ease!